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What is”Reciprocal Leverage”?

What is “Reciprocal Leverage”? Traders utilise many professional resources on the ground at most of the World’s sporting events…people who are paid well to report any factor that may affect an outcome of an event. This window of knowledge, unavailable to the public, is used to maximise leverage within an already-profitable transaction. From coaches to aficionados, injuries to weather…information is wealth. To exploit that information is to transform a static return to a dynamic one. It often means only a 1% or 2% margin increase on one trade but over a week it can compound to 10%.

Are there limits on what can be placed? At this time there is no ceiling on amounts placed. This may change due to reassessment of volume of leveraged amounts to be utilised effectively. A new client will be informed of the current ceiling (if any) imposed, prior to joining. Existing clients will remain unaffected.

What amount of profit can I expect per month? It’s hard to put a definitive figure on this because of seasonal variables and the client’s own nominated choices but if 12% to 30% per month is not attained, then the World is no longer playing sport. Your personal profile form shows where you are best placed in the trading spectrum. The high-end return scale involves volatility. The lower end of the scale ensures stability. Most clients settle for a comfortable mix.

Will this take up much of my time? You need to set aside a few minutes every few days to simply log into your account and monitor the progress of your funds. Are these separate accounts? Yes, your funds are not pooled and your own individual account functions in line with your own indicated parameters independently from all others.

I follow a certain sport, so can I concentrate on this? No the “Reciprocal Leverage” program is not sport specific. It is profit specific.

Is this a term deposit? Funds are extremely fluid and may be withdrawn at any time on 7 days notice. Funds are returned via bank transfer on-line or cheque, nett of a 2 ½% administration fee. (Allow 10 days postage and clearance for posted cheques).

Can I purchase the “Reciprocal Leverage” program itself? No. Not as an individual. There are limited Group Licensing arrangements in place with qualified, trained operators.

Why don’t you just use your own funds? Utilising greater funds allows Traders further diversity in the World market. Greater sums also allow exploitation of markets. Forcing books to “shift”, through sheer volume, to new positions where reciprocal Traders are ready and waiting to take advantage of that new position. But there are limits. It is anticipated that ceilings may be imposed in future.

Is there any risk? Every money movement carries risk. The greater the potential return, the greater the risk. The less potential return, the less the risk. This is the way World markets operate. However, it is our opinion “Reciprocal Leverage” is unique in that it exploits top-end returns for bottom-end risk.

Can I speak to other clients? Yes. We must first establish that a client is happy to discuss the program with you. If so, we will put you in touch.

Are there tax implications? There may be for you, as an individual. There are no tax implications in the net operating returns. You should discuss with your accountant what exposure you may have to any large amount of untaxed funds.

Can I have my profits deposited in any account wherever I want? Yes. Care is taken to verify that it is indeed your account and that the instruction is yours. Thus, mandatory ID requirements are for your protection. Otherwise funds will be returned to the source account.

Does membership have a term limit? No. There is a one-off entry fee. Once you become a member, you are a member for life and able to utilise this investment technique whenever you want to. If you wish for any reason to transfer your membership, the same due diligence requirement will apply to the new nominated member.

Can my account be a joint account? Yes, but in name only. Trading accounts are operated only through a single nominated entity. Arrangements made between you and your joint account holder remain your responsibility. Dividends can only be distributed to one account and one beneficiary.

Can I refer someone else? Yes, at the moment there is an initial referral bonus system in place.

Is there a minimum amount with which I can start? Yes. $AUD1000.00

Where are you? BetBubbles P/L are in Darwin, Australia, the nucleus of Southern Hemisphere sportsbook activity. We administrate the Australasian client base.

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